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Multi-Channel Shopping
Experiences for Every Customer

Tailor your shopping experience to suit retail, boutique wholesale, and big box wholesale needs.

In 2014, Brands on the Symphony platform experienced year-over-year growth at double the industry average.

Build a Store For Every Customer Segment Need

Give retail and wholesale customers the shopping tools they need without building your site more than once.

Channel-Specific Pricing & Terms

Set a retail price that’s visible to all customers, then add channel discounts that are only visible to members of each wholesale channel. Set terms, credits, and/or allow pay by check.

Inventory Management For Every Channel

Maintain inventory fluidity by eliminating the need for wholesale vs. retail inventory pools.

Channel-Specific Catalogs

Create products or categories that are only visible to specific channels.

Consolidated Order Management

View, edit, and manage all retail and wholesale orders from one place

Channel-Specific Promotions

Run sales, coupons, and other promotions that are only visible to specific channels.

Consolidated Fulfillment

Send retail and wholesale orders from the same warehouse. ( learn more )

Build Your Brand

Template-Free Web Pages

Get the custom Online Store you want, not one that’s configured to fit a template.

Symphony Compose

  • Build and update pages, whatever your level of technical expertise.
  • Add a new product, update a description, or change your homepage image every time there’s a big sale. Changes take minutes and show up instantly.
  • Don’t be constricted by templates or web developers. Symphony Compose lets you build the site you want quickly and easily.

Deliver an Incredible Checkout Experience


Increase conversions by over 10% with the world’s sleekest checkout. Our 1-page checkout, address auto-fill, and account detection speed things up and let returning customers just click “buy.”

Invisible Fraud Detection

Automatically evaluate all orders for fraud on purchase; review suspicious orders at your convenience, stop orders, and block bad users from your site forever.

Turn Customers Into Brand Loyalists


Gain repeat revenue by making it easier to re-purchase: customers can choose a subscription cycle that works for them.

Product Recommendations

Promote your bestsellers and new arrivals or let our algorithms customize recommendations for each customer.


Create and manage multiple sales channels. Set unique pricing, promotions, coupons, and private sales to best target each audience.


Encourage higher order value with holiday packages, seasonal gift sets, and “curated for you” kits.

Social Community Building

Engage your customers’ social network with reviews, friend referral programs, and sharing capabilities on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Customers can sign in using Facebook, making it easier for you to gain members.

Testing. Lots of Testing

Take advantage of continuous A/B testing to build a site best able to convert customers.

One Integrated System That’s Easy to Use

Do more, stress less. It’s easier to manage your entire business with Symphony.

Product Information Management

Your entire team can instantly create, edit, and manage product information. No more waiting on a development team.


Manage your catalog, rank and arrange products, add unlimited photos and description tabs, and sell your products the way you want.


It’s easy to add or change product photos, web page banners, promotional images, and other visual assets.


Organize descriptions into multiple tabs and upload info sheets or videos to really let customers get to know your products.

Order Management

Your Online Store and order management are synced so you have full, instant visibility over the entire order process.

Instant Changes

Inventory count is instantly updated each time an order is placed, changed, or saved.

Customer Alerts

Set transactional emails to alert customers when you edit an order. No need for an agent to manually send a new invoice

Manual Order Creation

Agents can quickly create accounts and/or enter orders, making it possible to place orders from a trade show floor or for customers who are on the phone.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

Have a tablet? Turn it into your second office. Our mobile interface allows you to take orders, monitor orders and inventory, and make changes to your website wherever you are.

Gain a Partner

Work closely with a team of commerce experts to optimize your ecommerce strategy.

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