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This is where we share our company news, insights and experience.

We think a lot about the future of commerce. Mostly, we think about how we can give our clients a competitive edge from conversion rates and landing pages to delivery times and lower shipping costs. 

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Omnichannel Commerce is a Myth for Brands (But it Doesn’t Have to Be)

If I were to ask you to buy a blue polo shirt, how would you do it? Traditionally, you would go to your local shopping center and purchase a shirt at a department store. Today, you also have the option to shop at online marketplaces or directly at a brand’s website. If you are even more tech-inclined, you can shop on Pinterest, ask Siri, or ping a bot in Messenger to purchase

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Our Crazy Stressful Holiday Fulfillment Fiasco (And How We Got Through It)

In the world of operations and logistics, seasoned vets of commerce operations are accustomed to receiving coal in their stocking every year. Holiday fulfillment means things will fall apart, things will get delayed, or things will fall through the cracks. But it doesn’t matter, ops teams are used to getting their hands dirty every holiday season. […]

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The Democratization of Retail Through Technology

Recently, I did a talk at NRF’s Big Show on how Retail is becoming more accessible and how it’s affecting the entire Retail landscape. Retail at its core is all about capturing and fulfilling demand. Store and Fulfillment. Businesses capture demand through their physical, online, and partner reseller’s stores and fulfill demand through their storefronts, warehouses, and […]

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Transactional Email Improvements

Release 17.21 (Big Updates to Our Category Interface)

Updated Bulk Product Upload Template We have changed the format for bulk product uploads. Please contact your CSM for additional training if you currently use this feature. Estimated Date for ASNs You can now specify the expected date when new inventory will arrive in the warehouse under Manage >> Fulfillment >> Receiving (ASN). This allows the […]

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Symphony Commerce is a Red Herring Top 100 Global Award Winner!

Symphony Commerce is very proud to announce that it has won the Red Herring Top 100 Global, 2015 Award. As one of the industry’s most coveted acknowledgments, the Red Herring Top 100 Global Awards include some of the most exciting startups from the all over the world. The selection process includes vetting thousands of privately […]

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