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Grow Profitability With an
Enterprise Level Fulfillment System

  • Multi-Channel Inventory and Order Management
  • Reach 99% of the US in 2 Days
  • On-Demand and Fully Elastic

Delight every customer with unparalleled distribution and great technology

Deliver goods faster and cheaper and gain fully visibility over your supply chain

Multi-Warehouse Integration Throughout USA

Manage inventory from your computer while saving up to 35% off current fulfillment costs across the USA.

Low Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can make up 70% of fulfillment costs. Save when you tap into Symphony’s network-wide low rates.

1-2 Day Ground Shipping

Reach over 99% of US customers with 2-day ground by optimizing inventory location(s).

Automatic Rate Shopping

Ship every order using the lowest cost carrier without slowing down fulfillment–rate shopping is automatic.

Co-located Wholesale & Retail Inventory

Increase order fill rate by having all your inventory in one place–less to manage, more inventory elasticity.

Give Free Shipping

Fulfillment savings give you more freedom to offer free shipping, low cost shipping, or discounted promotional/holiday shipping.

Our Shipping Solutions Give You Flexibility and Control

Customized Packing Options

Ship packages in your own branded packaging, and/or use special packaging to make your kits even more special.

EDI and Marketplace Orders

Expand your customer base with these huge wholesale audiences. There is no extra setup or upcharge.

Convenient Subscriptions

Encourage repeat purchases with subscriptions that get billed and shipped automatically.

Informative Transaction Emails

Keep customers updated throughout the order life cycle without doing any extra work.

International Shipping

We’ll set you up with the documentation needed to clear customs seamlessly. Stuck orders? We get notified and help you get things moving.

Gain a Partner That Helps You Improve

Fulfillment Expertise

Every business experiences fulfillment-related growing pains. Your dedicated fulfillment manager will help guide you, let you know what’s worked for others, and leverage industry research on your behalf.

Demand Forecast

Avoid having stagnant inventory by optimizing manufacturing schedules based on improved demand forecast.

Multi-Channel Order Manager

Get end-to-end visibility over the entire order life cycle, across all your customer channels.

Mobile Capabilities

Take orders and create customer accounts from anywhere, using your tablet.

Multi-Channel Order Visibility

Detailed order and transaction histories make it easy to identify and fix customer issues.

Flexible Order Editing

Change or cancel line items or entire orders, right up until they leave your warehouse.

Automated Accounting Flows

  • Create audit trails
  • Send wholesale payment reminders

Multi-Channel Inventory Manager

Control inventory across all customer channels and a nationwide network of warehouses.

Consolidate Inventory

Manage inventory for multiple retail and wholesale channels from one place.

Keep Items in Stock

View sales velocity and number of units to keep your products in-stock at all times.

Predict Next Year’s Needs

Make data-based manufacturing and purchasing decisions based on inventory count, velocity, and popularity.

Keep Inventory Moving

Fulfill retail and wholesale orders from one inventory pool. No need to set aside inventory that’s not moving.

Reserve Inventory When Needed

Hold products for trade shows, PR purposes, VIP customer gifts or more. It only takes one click to remove a unit from the sellable inventory pool.

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